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A Proven System To Get Your First – Or Next –
High-Paying Clients In 30 Days.

My simple action plan lays out exactly what to do, day by day, to attract new clients and add $2,000-$5,000+ to your bank account in 30 days or less… without a fancy website, perfect niche or email list.

Dear Emerging
Woman Entrepreneur,

  • Are you overwhelmed with all you have to DO to get your business going… or growing?
  • Are you drowning in “information overload,” struggling to translate advice from the so-called gurus into actionable steps?
  • Are you holding back from getting clients because you don’t have your niche, a website, an assistant, a clear message or the “right” businessname?
  • Are you starting to worry a little – or a lot – about money?
  • Do you worry that if you don't "make this thing happen" soon, you'll have to go back to a J-O-B you hate?

Elizabeth Purvis

Founder of Goddess Business School®

I’m so glad you’re here! Because you’re about to discover the quickest, simplest and most direct path possible to getting clients and creating cash flow in your business right now.

Best of all, you DON'T have to wait 'til you have the perfect niche, a beautiful website, or big list to make it happen.

Getting Clients Shouldn’t
Be So Dang Complicated

Whether you’re new in business or have been at it for years, you’ve probably discovered that clients and cash are the lifeblood of your business. Without money coming in, you don’t have a business – you have an expensive hobby.

Problem is, if you’re like most of the women I coach, you’re frustrated and fed up. Because the marketing gurus keep telling you that you need MORE to grow your business…

Overwhelmed yet? :)

What if you could let ALL of that go and get straight to the GOOD part:
working with clients you love, doing what you LOVE?

After creating over $2million in revenue in a few short years, here’s what I know. The BEST way to grow your business at the startup and growth stages is NOT to do more. But to do LESS.

Because while those things ARE important and have a place in your business, they all take time, money and expertise. And none of them take the place of the ONE thing you need most: A simple SYSTEM to generate clients and cash flow, consistently.

Finally, I’m sharing the “secret sauce” that my successful clients have been using for years to create 5-figure income breakthroughs. It’s my proven plan to get clients in 30 days or less... no matter where are now or how long you've been in business.

What this system means for you is that you will know EXACTLY what to do to enroll lots of new clients, anytime you wish – no “perfect” niche, website or business cards required.

Imagine feeling so secure in knowing that you can create cash flow whenever you need it - or WANT the cash to easily pay down debt, indulge in a retreat or spa day, take a vacation, or add to your family's savings plan.

Yummy, right? YES and… make no mistake: while this system IS simple, it’s also life-changing.

Because what you’ll learn is mission critical for your business at ANY stage. You’ll use the principles to get your first clients, and over and over again as you get your next 100 clients… and beyond.

I’ve used the principles of this system to
build a high multi-6-figure business and
generate consistent 5-and-6-figure
paydays. But it wasn’t always this way...

Years ago when I started my business, I had NO idea how to get clients. Once I quit my J-O-B (without a backup plan, I might add), I was thrust into “figure it out” mode. Website, business name, tag line, what did I offer that people would pay for…

Well, fast forward and 2 years later, I was still trying to “figure it out” – only by that time, I’d burned through all of our savings and had been racking up debt on our credit cards for over a year.

I felt like a total fraud! And the crazy thing was that I was no closer to having ANY of the answers I was desperately trying to find. What’s my niche? What’s my message? Can I really help people? What the hell am I doing?

That’s when I hit a wall…

I was washing dishes in our little sink in our apartment in Brooklyn. With soapy water up to my elbows, I made an all-or-nothing decision. I vowed to get clients. Period.

This meant letting go of perfection, transforming my fear and channeling all that “figuring out” energy into ONE thing: creating income. And what happened next completely surprised me...

Within 30 days,

I enrolled 9 new
clients and created
almost $20,000 in new
and booked income.

The experience completely changed my life.
And along the way, I discovered some surprising truths:

  • You DON’T need to be perfect, have it all figured out or be the “uber-expert” to attract awesome clients and help them get amazing results
  • You ALREADY have everything you need to get your first – or next – clients (there are hidden Opportunities in your business)
  • Attracting clients means using the strengths you naturally have as a woman – like relationship, connection, intuition, the ability to create transformation and LOVE (i.e., the yummy stuff!)
  • Having money solves a lot of problems that NOT having money creates. :)

I applied the tools in your program and had a 12k launch in my first month in business!

I am so excited and grateful for how the tools you provided guided me through the process to unleashing the beginning of my true potential.

I was amazed to find out how many people seemed to be waiting for me step into my brilliance at this level, and whole-heartedly jumped into my program!

Paith MacQueen

After listening to Elizabeth, I experienced an incredible mind-shift. This mind-shift resulted in a substantial increase in my income, from bringing in just $700 over the summer to making an additional $9,100 in just the last month alone! And, I only have room for two more private clients!

It feels so amazing to actually be working with real clients and having the opportunity to be of high-service instead of just preparing

Allison Braun, The BEDroom Joyologist,

Right after attending Elizabeth’s program, I designed 2 new programs, immediately, attracted an amazing client for my private program (she basically just ‘fell’ into my lap) and I enrolled 3 new clients into my new group intensive program. Thank you Elizabeth!

Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman

Now, the hourly sessions are gone and I offer programs that are designed to ensure clients get the results they’re looking for. I’m running a group program for my birth control clients that costs 10 times what I used to change for my services, and they’re getting phenomenal results! Plus, I have clients stepping into my Platinum program and I only work privately with clients who are an energetic match for me. I’m bringing in double to triple the income, but with a lot less work and definitely much less stress.

Amy Sedgwick

I’ve just revamped this Bestselling
training program with YOU in
mind, to solve YOUR biggest
Challenges when it comes to
“getting out there” to get clients.

Client-Getting Challenge #1:


I know you’re overwhelmed with to-do’s, especially with “shiny new marketing objects” on the scene (read: Twitter, Facebook, infographics, video, and on and on). That’s why in Get Clients In 30 Days, I lay out a super-simple path to follow, consisting of ONLY what you really need right now.

Client-Getting Challenge #2:


You’re juggling work, being a wife/partner, kids and Goddess knows what else. I know because I am, too! So I’ve designed the action steps in Get Clients In 30 Days to take the least amount of time possible.

Client-Getting Challenge #3:


If you’re like I was back in the day, you may have to create the money to invest in the advanced trainings you want. And “marketing budget?” ‘Tis to laugh. That’s why nearly ALL of the strategies in Get Clients in 30 Days are free – and the others are low cost.

Client-Getting Challenge #4:

Drowning in

Website, logo, tag line, what to offer, who to serve… and for women, picking a niche can be one of the most agonizing decisions of all. Which is why in Get Clients in 30 Days, we’ll cut through the clutter and make decisions EASY. (And you won’t have to pick a niche to start getting clients.

Client-Getting Challenge #5:


Women aren’t like the guys – our brains are wired for connection and relationship, making it hard to “get linear” instead of getting distracted. So my 30-day action guide lays out the steps, day by day, to get clients. So you know exactly what to do when you sit down at your desk in the morning. (Weekends are off!)

Client-Getting Challenge #6:
Where to FIND clients
(who happily pay your fees)

Great news: your clients are in your world already! I’ll walk you through an extensive list of the best places to find clients right now, PLUS give you the key mindset shifts that make these hidden opportunities visible.

Client-Getting Challenge #7:


When you put yourself out there, you’re gonna hit your edge. You can have all the client-getting strategies in the world, but without proven tools to transform and move through your fear, you’ll stay stuck. So I’m sharing exactly how I’ve upleveled my BE-ing to go from barely earning 10k in a year to consistent $50k+ months.

Before attending Elizabeth’s program, I was experiencing struggle and frustration for over 2 years, trying to attract clients and students to my Reiki business.

The problem was that I kept doing the only thing I knew how to do, and that was using the same marketing tools and getting the same results…a few clients here and there.

Elizabeth gave me the tools needed to share my work with the world. Today, I have a steady stream of clients and have to make sure there is enough time in between sessions so they don't overlap!

Darlene Sochin-Maras

So What’s the Secret to
Getting Clients in 30
Days or Less…
…or anytime YOU choose?

Whether you’re working 1-on-1 or filling a workshop, no matter what you offer or how long you’ve been in business… the 3 core steps for attracting clients are ALWAYS the same:

POSITION yourself and your services

Attract potential clients

Enroll those who are meant to work with you

I’ll walk you through each step, then show you how to put it all together to get your first – or next – clients in 30 days.



How to Make Yourself Irresistible To High-Paying Clients While Staying True To Who You Really Are

In this module, you'll discover how to go from "just another [fill-in-the-blank]"
to getting your preferred clients to raise their hand and seek YOU out. You'll discover…

  • Why the common advice of "picking a niche" is actually holding you back from getting clients and what you need to do right now to move forward
  • The secrets to discovering what your clients REALLY want your help with (this is the key that can unlock a goldmine of opportunities, currently being ignored in your business)
  • The simplest system EVER to transform “single shot” sessions into lucrative packages to easily make $5k per month or more - with just a few clients.
  • A simple system to set your fees when you're just starting out (how to charge 10-25% more, while staying in integrity)
  • How to transform feeling like a fraud into the authentic confidence that magnetically attracts clients
  • The 1 thing you MUST do to get new clients within the month


  • My "overwhelm busting" secrets, including a 2-step system of exactly what to do each day so you create consistent income
  • Templates for 2 high-value packages you can offer right away (no “figuring it out” required)
  • A list of proven problems that high-paying clients will eagerly invest in



How To Add 5-Figures To Your Business This Month Using "Hidden Opportunities" To Help More People

Guess what? Your ideal clients are in your midst RIGHT NOW. Yes, really!

They seem "hidden" because you're simply not aware of them. And that's great news because once you SHIFT your awareness (I'll share how in this module), all of a sudden, the clients appear - as if out of thin air.

Uncovering the opportunities is a LEARNABLE skill. Once you really “get it,” your problem won't be a lack of opportunities, but deciding which ones to jump on. You'll discover...

  • A checklist of my 10+ favorite "hidden opportunities" to get clients that exist in your business right now and what to do with each
  • The first 2 places you should ALWAYS look for new clients (when you're just starting out OR if you have a new program – and yes, I still do these first)
  • How to talk about what you do so that high-paying clients want to know more
  • How to avoid "dead-end" networking events and consistently turn networking events into $1000, $3000 and even $5000 paydays
  • My favorite ways to generate a flood of Transformational Selling conversations with highly qualified potential clients (once you learn these, your business will change forever because you'll ALWAYS know how to get new clients)
  • How to deal with the peeps who want to "pick your brain" and transform them into opportunities for new clients
  • What to do if you're starting COMPLETELY from scratch


  • Word for word script to invite your clients into a Transformational Selling conversation
  • Word-for-word script to offer your Transformational Selling conversation at networking meeting (without sounding all cheesy or pushy)
  • Simple scripts to generate a flood of referrals – without being pushy
  • Template & script to help you answer the question "So what do you do" in a way that has clients lining up to work with you



How To Use Transformational Selling™ To Easily Enroll Clients While Serving Their Highest Good

If the thought of "asking for the business" makes you uncomfortable, I have great news: As a conscious woman, you already have amazing "superpowers" that allow you to do this in a way that is NOT pushy or salesy, but is really about changing lives.

In this module, you'll discover how to have a truly transformative conversation that has your potential clients talking themselves into working with you.  You'll learn...

  • Simple mindset shifts that will forever change how you see the "sales conversation"   (dare I suggest that you'll love them after this?  You just might!)
  • My simple heartfelt script to say at the beginning of the conversation that gives you permission to openly share your services
  • 1 question that lets you know instantly if they truly can't afford your program
  • The secret behind objections and what you MUST do when your client says "I'd love to, but..." if you want to save the sale
  • Simple tweaks to the marketing you're already doing that will double or even triple your enrollment conversation results
  • The secret to stop giving away free service and instead have clients raising their hand to talk with you about working together


  • Simple template for a Transformational Selling conversation to "seal the deal" with integrity
  • Detailed checklist of exact steps to take BEFORE your sessions to weed out the people who aren't really serious about hiring you (no more freebie seekers!)
  • Pre-session email template to send the client so when you arrive on the phone together, they practically talk themselves into working with you
  • Word-for-word scripts to answer objections from "I can't afford it" to "I have to think about it"
  • Step-by-step strategy for what to do when they say "I have to talk to my spouse" so you don't lose a client


Your New Clients
Action Plan
How To Get Your First - Or
Next - Clients In 30 Days

You’ve got the plan – now it’s time to work the plan! I’ll show you how to put it all together to get clients in 30 days. You’ll discover…

  • The “inner game” secrets that practically guarantee you’ll get clients within the month (are you willing?)
  • Your 30-day action plan, broken down week by week and day by day with EXACTLY what to do
  • My “magic money tools” that work like, well, magic to bring in income (these aren’t magic, they just seem that way)
  • How to use “The Plan” to get clients consistently


  • Your 30-Day Action Plan, presented as a beautiful checklist you can keep by your desk
  • The simple practice I used to fill a 28-person group program in half the time when I was starting out (with a super-small list at the time)
  • Money tools handouts

In the first month of working with Elizabeth, I created my first signature program and enrolled 4 highly motivated, ideal clients! I’ve also learned the importance of making personal connections with the other amazing women in my industry and in similar industries. Doing so has been very satisfying and fun! It has taken the isolation out being a solopreneur. I’ve also designed my next two programs. Best of all, I’ve seen for myself that my niche is viable, and a clear path for future successes.

Jessica Drummond, MPT, CHC

Here’s What You’ll Receive In The
Get Clients In 30 Days! Program:


I've LOADED this program with "done for you" elements, straight from my own business and what I teach my high-end clients. This is the good stuff that has been proven to work, so you can feel confident that it will work for you too.

Given that your time is priceless, it's truly hard to put a price on the VALUE of the HOURS you'll save with the tools and templates I've created for you. That said, you'll easily save 10 hours OR MORE when you use these resources.

What this means for you is that this collection of scripts, outlines, templates and "swipefile" copy alone is EASILY worth 3x the investment in this program alone.




Within two weeks of working with the principles Elizabeth shared with me, I booked 2 new clients totaling $5,000.

I am quite clear that one of the most powerful things that I did was to receive Elizabeth’s call to step up and claim my own value and worth.

Julie Gray, COC®

As a result of working with Elizabeth, I began to leverage my time more efficiently, making my efforts count more, and keeping more of the money coming in. Now I have a fool proof system to fall back on.

My advice if you are thinking to sign up to work with Elizabeth is to get ready to dive into a new way of living your mission and engaging in your business - it is worth every second of it!

Margherita Crystal Lotus

Within the first 2 weeks of your program I had my first $1,200.00 day! Thank you for your and your teams support and education!

Karen J Stultz, ALS, CPC

Thank you Elizabeth for simplifying and systematizing online business models. Investing in Elizabeth’s programs has been an essential ingredient for my success and rapid business growth. I look forward to seeing what jumps out of her magic box next!

Lisa Marie Rosati

As a result of working with Elizabeth, I booked $10,000 in sales by implementing just one of the ideas I learned. I am also easily attracting more and more of my ideal clients to my community now that I am able I stand firmly in the value of what I provide. And, I’ve grown my lists by hundreds in just two short months!

Tami Gulland, The Success Angel

I’ve designed

especially for you IF…
(this program is perfect for you if…)

  • You’re brand new in business – just out of school, recently left your J-O-B or want to leave your J-O-B
  • You’ve been in business for a while, but you struggle to get clients
  • You offer single sessions and want a simple way to move to lucrative packages without losing your clients
  • You want a low-risk, low-cost way to create the money you need to fund your business growth (mentoring program, team)
  • You’re tired of struggling to FIND clients, and want a list of 10+ places where your clients are already hanging out
  • You’re tired of up-and-down cash flow and want a reliable system to create income on demand
  • You’re READY to transform your fears of getting out there, being visible and feeling like a fraud and step into BE-ing the Feminine Leader you truly are
  • You’re thinking about leaving your J-O-B and want a solid system for getting clients before you quit (super-smart!)
  • You’ve been in business for a while and you’re ready for an income breakthrough
  • You want a low-risk, low-cost way to get the skills you need to create income consistently
  • You’d love to get paid to figure out your niche!
  • You want to learn a respectful, proven system to turn interested potential clients into invested clients, in a way that truly helps them change their lives
  • You’re READY to get out of “figure it out” mode and want to step into doing what you love, with people you love!
  • You want a simple, proven system to getting your first – or next – clients in 30 days


If You Could Discover
The Exact Steps So You Can Create
$1,000... $5,000... Even $10k When YOU Choose...
What Would That Be Worth To You?

When you consider the results this system delivers (3, 5... or even 10 clients in 30 days), how often you can use the system (anytime you want), and how easy I’ve made it for you to succeed (done-for-you materials and a day-by-day action plan)…

You can see how I could charge $1000 and up for this program – and get it. Especially given that I’m including the same foundational information that clients in my other programs gladly invest $2,000 - $40,000 in. (Note: these are REAL numbers based on my fees as of this writing.)

Here’s the GREAT news…

I've created an investment
that EVERYONE can say YES to…

Our mission at Goddess Business School® is to empower awakening women to be spiritually AND financially successful. And I don’t want ANYTHING to stand in your way, no matter what your financial situation may be. Which is why your investment in the program is just $397 $297when you pay in full.

Why am practically giving away some of my best training?

It has always been my commitment, from the very beginning in my business, to empower my clients with the tools they need to create money BEFORE they enroll in our higher-end trainings. Because I don't want money getting in anyone's way.

I know what it's like to bootstrap, so I design trainings like this one to empower those who are willing to empower themselves. My goal is to help you see at least a tenfold return on your investment as soon as possible.

I want you to know that I stand by this program, and have as much invested in YOUR success as you do. And because I want you to feel 100% confident in saying YES to yourself, I’m taking all of the risk off your shoulders.

My Personal

I invite you to say YES to yourself and to the program.

I'm 100% confident that after you apply the steps in the Get Clients In 30 Days! program, you will be on track to enroll new clients. And I want you to feel very comfortable making the decision to invest in this opportunity to grow your business.

So this one is really simple. I'm taking away all of the risk.

Listen to all 4 training calls, and take a full 30 days after the program is over to implement the Action Plan. Simply follow the plan and if at the end of those 30 days, you don’t feel I’ve delivered on this promise, simply send us your completed 30-day Action Plan checklist and let us know what steps you took to get yourself out there, and we’ll happily refund 100% your money.

That’s how much I stand by this information, and how much I believe in YOU to create success with this program. And that’s how much I want you to say YES and join us!

So are you ready to finally master the art of attracting clients
and generating income in your business?

Please register me for Get Clients In 30 Days!

I understand that my registration entitles me to receive the following benefits:

  • 4 LIVE training calls with Elizabeth on the Get Clients In 30 Days! system
  • 4 Q+A sessions taking place immediately after each training session
  • 30-Day New Clients Action Plan that lays out exactly what to do, step-by-step
  • Members-only Facebook community for networking with other amazing women
  • MP3 recordings of each session
  • PDF transcripts of each session
  • Done-for-you templates, checklists and scripts to make implementation easy: templates, checklists, word-for-word scripts and more

So are you ready to get your first – or next – clients in 30 days? I hope so because I can't wait to help you get clients this month... and forever. Click on the buttons above to place your order now.

Love and magic,

Elizabeth Purvis
Founder, Goddess Business School®

PS: Remember, this program comes with my personal guarantee. If you don’t love it for any reason after trying it in the "real world,” simply let us know and we’ll issue you a full refund.

PPS: Still have questions? Ask us anything that's in your mind or in your heart about this program; we want you to make a decision that is right for you. Simply reach out to the team at and one of our client care specialists will get back to you personally.

Elizabeth showed me exactly how to craft and position my offers and create a marketing calendar that would help me stabilize my cash flow. Within 30 days, I’d created over $10,000 – and that was just the start.

Lisa Michaels

Now, asking for the business is comfortable and natural. I truly feel like I am asking my clients to step into an opportunity. It’s coming from a powerful and authentic place of possibility for them, rather than that old mindset of ‘have to get another client.’

I’ve enrolled 6 new clients in my latest campaign and am on track to fill my next program, an exclusive coaching group. What a shift!

Michele McGrew

Before working with Elizabeth, I was experiencing stagnation in my business growth and didn't really know how to bring together all the pieces as a healer and coach working with horses.

Thanks to what I learned in Elizabeth’s program, I have grown my list by 30% and have launched new programs that my clients are actually signing up for; creating a 5-figure month for my business!


There is nothing like the feeling of doing the work you’re meant to be doing in the world, getting it out there, being in your zone of genius, and getting paid handsomely for it.

This past spring I launched my first online group program, called Radical Radiance: Cleanse the Body & Create Vibrant Health in 90 days. It was nearly a 5-figure launch, which led to my highest income month ever.

Elizabeth’s program has given me the know-how and confidence to change the course of my business for the better, and now so much more is possible!

Hillary Thing

I learned how to easily and confidently talk about what I do in a way that inspires my ideal clients to say "yes!" to working together. The day after creating my program I enrolled a client and earned $4,000! It was easier than I ever thought possible. Now I'm consistently earning 5-figures a month, every month, even when I take time off for vacation!

Working with Elizabeth will save you thousands and thousands of dollars and years of struggle. It's worth it (and so are you!).


Working with Elizabeth has been a God(dess) send, as it not only filled in the blanks to key pieces I was missing in my work, but helped me transform the way I worked.  I quickly created 2 awesome signature programs that my clients love (these programs practically sell themselves when I share them with people.) I hosted my first profitable workshop plus 4 "1-days" at the highest fees I’ve ever charged. And, I landed my first 90-day client for $2500!

I now work less hours, avoid doing unproductive work, and spend more time on really great client attractive ventures.

Wendy Burge

Just a couple of months into Elizabeth’s program, I am finally stepping into my value! I am becoming more and more comfortable and skilled at delivering strategy sessions, and have learned how to make a strategy session offer from the stage that people enthusiastically raise their hands for.

As a result I’ve booked 7 highly-targeted speaking engagements, held my first teleseminar, and have almost doubled my list. Even more exciting is that I enrolled my first two 1-Day intensive clients, and created over $2700 of income in just one month, which for me is a milestone!


Since working with Elizabeth, I signed on three new clients at my highest rates yet resulting in an additional $4400 for my 90-day program! The best part is that my clients are also receiving enormous results!  And this is just the beginning of great things to come!

Jill Beirne

In the end, after applying what I learned from Elizabeth, I manifested a 500% increase over any product launch I had done before.  And not only was this launch a huge success, but other products that I had been marketing over time also started selling more quickly.

Paula Edler,

Since finding Elizabeth’s program, I have increased my client base, and created step by step processes to assist me through the systems. I am approaching corporate clients with confidence and securing their endorsement for my services.

My referral system is increasing and I am attracting clients who have no issue with my fees or programs.

Michelle MacWilliam

Using the principles Elizabeth shared with me, I quickly booked four speaking engagements! After each one, over 90% of the audience opted into my list and I received numerous requests for strategy sessions. All of that, as well as using the techniques that Elizabeth teaches on how to have a successful selling conversation, helped me create over $23k in new business!

Elizabeth is a pure genius when it comes to authentic marketing from the heart and I know of no quicker way to become a wealthy goddess than to study and learn everything she has to offer.


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